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Why A Proactive Job Search Is More Important Than Ever

While the unemployment rate is higher than ever in 2020 due to COVID 19, we belive there is a solution to this. According to the Florida Estimating Conference, unemployment levels may not get back to the 5% level until sometime in 2021. For job seekers needing that next paycheck, 2021 is a long way away.

Taking a proactive plan to your job search is now more important than ever. You need to stand out from the pack and show employers that you are worth their investment over the 70,000+ job seekers in Orlando alone.

5 Steps To a More Efficient and Proactive Job Search

Get personal

Address resumes and cover letters to specific people and companies. Have a generic cover letter and non relevant resume will not get your resume to the fast stack any longer. Even with all the credentials, the personal candidate will get the edge every time. Take the extra 5-10 minutes and find the person you are trying to contact, find their extension and drop them a line, follow up your resume email with a call or see if they will be at a job fair.

Network, network, network.

You know the great thing about Social Networks? People leave their information on there for you to find! Perform searches on LinkedIn and Facebook for companies that you want to work for and start asking questions, get involved, answer their questions and build relationships. It is powerful stuff.

Go old school

The Internet is powerful. It is the most expansive information system ever created. Sometimes you need to just get on the town and do it in person. Map out some companies that you have interest in, see when their down times in the day are and knock on their doors. Take the initiative and beat the job seekers who are sending 100’s of generic resumes to computers. Make a personal connection

Become known

Join associations, clubs and nonprofits in your field. Help them with their goals and become an industry leader for something that interests you. Self-promotion is okay when you are performing an amazing job, referrals are the best form of flattery. Starting a blog on your career choice is not a bad idea either.

Work it like a full time job

You only get out what you put in. Looking for a much needed job an hour a day will only produce those same results. If you want to get their dream position or job here in Orlando, you need to be working on your job search like a 9-5. Get on the phones, do your research, tweak your resume, blog, look for opporrtunities, network, attend events and job fairs and be involved with the process every minute. If you are serious enough, there is a position for you!

In the current economic landscape, proactive job seekers will be in a greater position to climb their career to new heights when things turn around. Get proactive and find a job today

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