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10 Ways to Keep Your Job

10 Ways to Keep Your Job

10 Ways to Keep Your Job The EASY WAY

We spend a lot of time focusing on the getting-the-job aspect of things here at employmentacademy.org.uk. While the job search is a very important and deserving focus, keeping the job you’ve worked so hard to get is more than a little important. Of course, actually doing the work is a good chunk of your success at a company, but there are other factors that will also influence just how far you’ll go with your company. So here is a list of things you can do to ensure longevity in your position.

Show up every day on time.

5 minutes late? Okay, if it’s once or twice, here and there. However, repeatedly being tardy can immediately cancel out all of the good work you do on a daily basis. So keep your good work the focus; bonus points if you’re 10 minutes or more early every day.

Ask questions when you need help

It takes less time to do something right the first time, than to have to do it over again. Asking questions also shows your involvement in the process and doing of things.

Be hungry

No, I don’t mean you should be hitting the snack machines with all of your spare change. If you’ve finished all of your projects, ask your manager for more work. The more new projects you take on, the more responsibility and reward you’ll be afforded.

Be a problem solver

Managers have a ton of administrative duties and other responsibilities in their daily routine. Neither of you will have good days every day. So when you encounter a problem, your manager will appreciate the effort you put into finding a viable solution.

Find a Big Brother (or Sister)

Remember when you were little and you and your siblings didn’t get along at all? I bet you’re really close now. The business world is a family, and it helps to know people who know people, and who can show you the ropes. Scope out someone in your office you can connect with, and shadow them. You’ll learn more about your company, and your job.

Penny pinch

You know, in a way your company’s money is your money. After all, it’s where your paycheck comes from, right? So it makes sense that you’d want your company to have as much money as possible. Look for your chance to add value to your company every day. Impliment paper saving practices to cut costs on print production. Value shop when buying supplies in bulk. Anything you can do to conserve your company’s resources is a huge asset.

Be the teacher’s pet

It’s okay to want to learn. Most adults spend their later years reminiscing about their grade school days anyhow – and learning is a life-long process. Take lunch-and-learns that your company has to offer. Take a night course at your local college. Many companies offer tuition-reimbursement. Learning how to enhance your position helps the company just as much as it helps you get ahead.

Say “You’re right” on occasion

Knowing how to say you were wrong is something most people never quite get the knack of. But this is your chance to recognize your mistakes and accept responsibility for them. The mistake isn’t what will be remembered – your solution is. A mistake is simply an opportunity to demonstrate your problem solving skills.

Service with a smile

Whether it’s a customer, a coworker, or management you’re talking to, it’s important to maintain good service. It isn’t rocket science to figure out that the quality of work you put out will determine just how far you go with a company. Not every customer is going to be fun. Not every task if going to be enriching. Pushing through with a smile will make the job more enjoyable for you, as well as your customers or clients.

Be happy, man

It’s easy to get distracted and let things get you down. Even if someone has stolen your favorite red stapler, your ink pen blew up, and you’ve got one broken wheel on your desk chair, having a positive attitude will help you get things fixed quicker than simply complaining or getting frustrated. Your coworkers will like you enough to lend a helping hand at the very least.

And that’s it

10 easy things you can do to ensure your further development within your company. Have you had any great successes in the last year in your position?